Magnus Brody

MAGNUS BRODY - Thane of Urquhart
Winner of the 2015 and 2016 AVI CHOICE AWARD: Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Male.
Nominated for the 2016 AVI CHOICE AWARD for ARTS in 3 categories: Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Male, Favourite Formal DJ and Favourite Radio DJ.

I live in Brody Castle (like the rl Brodie Castle) and DJ:

Sundays 11am-1pm (SLT):
Grand Highland Classical Ball, Caledonian Ballroom

Fridays 12 noon - 5pm (SLT):
Friday Fun at the Loch Ness Inn

Thursdays 2pm - 3:30pm (SLT)
The Quiz (Trivia) of the Week at the Loch Ness Inn

I sponsor the adjacent Urquhart, a residential area, on the banks of Loch Ness with lovely cottages for rent.

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Have my own blog? So, I thought, why not?


  1. Why not indeed! I expect to see lots of random ramblings and I expect to be allowed to waffle in the comments about cheese! :-)

  2. /me also gently nudges you in the direction of free Blogger templates in an attempt to make you turn your blog all pink and girly! (or yellow and cheesy - that's good too!)

  3. Cheese mentioning is both allowed and encouraged. I'm gonna check out the blogger templates, sounds interesting.