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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Oddest Dream

Last night I awoke from the oddest dream, one of those dreams which are utterly consuming and feel very real whilst they are in progress.  So real, in fact, it took me some time, when I awoke, to suddenly remember the main part of the dream was flawed and impossible and yet, it had seemed so real at the time, it still felt real and I was so confused, it took me some time to fall asleep again.  This morning, the dream is as fresh as if it were a real happening of yesterday evening, something I actually experienced before I went to bed.

It is not often I experience dreams like this and, indeed, it is perhaps only once a month or so I can remember, even a little, of whatever I have been dreaming.

My dream was quite banal, which made it seem all the more real, because it had none of the fantastical impossibilities, sudden switching to another place or unrealistic happenings, which form many dreams.

My father died in 2006 and, although I have not dreamed of him since, last night he was there, in my apartment.  Firstly, and rather oddly, his unannounced visit, which began when I answered the door to my apartment, was not perceived by me as unusual: I did not remember it was not possible for him to visit me, I didn't remember my father had died.  Secondly, and to build upon not remembering, I was rather grumpy he had appeared unannounced.

From the moment I opened the door, until he left with what was (as was normal for us), a cursory good-bye; casual and very much as if the presumption were that we'd see each other again shortly, so no fuss and not even a molecule of sentimentality.  In fact, I was almost relieved, as he went on his way, thinking of what I could then go on to do.

During his visit, I remained a little grumpy he had unexpectedly visited and I was a little preoccupied with the kitchen being a bit of a mess and the coffee table being too laden with stuff and the rings left by yesterday's coffee cups.

As was often the case, with my father, our conversation was less than riveting.  We had both learned, long since, to keep away from contentious topics, aware we were each others' mirrors and, quite particularly when it came to the two of us, stubborn to the point of childishness when the other wouldn't agree.

So, although the conversation was somewhat boring, and not much intellectual point up from, "snow is getting worse, a week or more they say", "aye, aye, about two weeks, I heard, it's getting deep", it was pleasant nevertheless, with sometimes long gaps and sipping coffee and thinking if there was anything else we wished to say to each other.

I awoke as I watched him walk downstairs, hearing him shout, "bye", again as I closed the door; and I was confused to find myself in bed.

I was not aware how nice those first moments of being awake were, until I remembered exactly why the dream could not be true.  It was almost as horrible a feeling of angst as during the call, a long time since, which my sister made to me and I knew something was up before she got to the point.

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  1. Wow...! Amazing isn't it? Dreams like this? I've had similar dreams featuring loved ones that passed away, and I like to think they really did visit me:). Who knows?