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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Generational Technological Confusion

A telephone conversation with my mother today confirmed, yet again, how difficult it can be for one generation to understand another, particularly when it comes to anything more complicated than the coffee grinder. It went something like this:

Mum, "and I couldn't get to sleep for ages because I couldn't remember what I'd seen that nicely spoken, young actor in before",
Me, "Matt Smith, the new Doctor? You could have just googled his name",
Mum, "oh no, dear, I didn't want to use google, it was very late",
Me, "eh? So?",
Mum, "well, when they do a night shift they probably like to read a book, so I don't like to bother them",
Me, "who?",
Mum, "the man who types the answers when I ask him questions."
Me, "ah, right, that man. Let me just explain again how google works".

My mother, bless her, had always used google by typing questions like, "I wonder, if it wouldn't be too much trouble for you to find out, if you might let me have some recipes for lamb?", or "if it's not too rude to ask, and I can understand if he should wish not to say, what age is that nice, young Matt Smith?"

It was no wonder she was having trouble finding stuff when her ever present need never to be rude was finding lots of irrelevant hits.

It's not the first time we have had conversations like this. Another memorable one involved her not using her cordless phone for more private conversations in case one of her neighbours wanted to use the "wireless thing" at the same time; and when my mother says "wireless" she means the radio, like her lovely red Roberts wireless, not 802.11n.

Unfortunately, my son now says "eh?" to me in a way which indicates I am far too stupid to understand what he is saying and he simply doesn't have the time required to fully explain it.

It can't just be me, have you a favourite cross-generation misunderstanding?


  1. Ha! God bless the 'more mature' generation :-)

    When I was at my dad's recently he was freaking out a little how Google would always auto-complete his searches and getting all paranoid about 'big brother tracking his every move'. I told him to stop being silly and tried to explain a bit about caching.

    I didn't actually have the heart to tell him that the buggers at Google pretty much *were* tracking his every move! lol

    I's scary to think how the next generation are probably already thinking the same thing about us though. I mean, i'm sure most of us think of ourselves as pretty tech-savvy but, like you say, the kids are already looking at us and thinking what dinosaurs we are!

    Which is why I have decided not to have kids! Bloody arrogant smart arses :-)

  2. Oh - I forgot to say ... kudos to your mum for liking Matt Smith though!

    Speaking of which ... "silence will fall" theories? Who *is* River Song?

    Damn Steven Moffet and his season-crossing story arcs!

  3. I thought about this quite a bit, then went off to do something else, then came back and thought about it again.

    I still have no clue!