Magnus Brody

MAGNUS BRODY - Thane of Urquhart

Married to Bondette Body, Countess of Urquhart

Winner of the 2015 and 2016 AVI CHOICE AWARD: Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Male.
Nominated for the 2016 AVI CHOICE AWARD for ARTS in 3 categories: Favorite Spoken Word / Performer / Actor Male, Favourite Formal DJ and Favourite Radio DJ.

I live in Brody Castle (designed to look like the rl Brodie Castle) and present every Sunday:

Sundays 11:00 am - 1:00 pm SLT:
Grand Highland Classical Ball, Caledonian Ballroom, Brody Castle

I sponsor the adjacent Urquhart, a residential area, on the banks of Loch Ness with lovely cottages for rent.

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Viewer: NiranV Dean's Viewer
Places: I co-own the Highlands of Scotland, 3 sims comprising of Inverness, Urquhart and Beauly
Music: Skye Galaxy, Zachh Cale, Anidi Huet and Phemie Alcott
Marketplace: Luna Fatale Creations, Sweetbay Designs, Carbon Philter and Novatech
Stand-up Comedy: A Little Bit Kinky with Magnus Brody, Magnus Brody at Lauren and Friends Live and Magnus Brody Brainiac Jokes

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010


whyDOTquestionmark, youmaywellDOTask

Yeah, George said to me last week he was playing his gig next Tuesday, or was it Wednesday, I’ll just check my chat logs, you know how bad my memory is. Oh! I can’t remember what George was calling himself last week. I can’t find the chat log

I have to get to a rl appointment, but login for 2 minutes because I know George has a rl job interview in a couple of hours and I just wanna quickly wish him good luck. Thirty minutes later I am still endlessly looking through my friends list trying to find out what name George is using today. I give up and George thinks I am totallyDOTuncaring.

Again, I have to make a rl appointment, but I want to login for 2 minutes, just to pay my rent. Is my kinda needy and very chatty friend showing on my friends online web page? No? Good! Safe to login without them thinking me rude for not saying HEY! I login, “oh! Hello. Yes, I think Kate is a lovely new name for you, George, but I really must dash. No, I really must go, don’t mean to be rude, but, yeah, I can see you might like to explore your feminine side more fully, but seriously I gotta run”.

We have all had the odd stalker on sl, have we not? One girl went out of her way to cause hassle with my partner, at the time, usual drama, easily dismissed because I believed my partner. Her basic approach was to try to convince me my partner was unfaithful. I know this would be a big issue for some of you, if you believed her.
My land has a visitor reporter, sends me an email with PERSON NAME, TIME, LENGTH OF STAY.
Now the stalker changes her name to MY PARTNER and gets her friend to change her name to MRBIG GUY and they hang at my land for a long while.
I have a great convo the next day with my actual partner, we’re so cool about it all.

“Hello, this is George, your friend. May I borrow L$500 until tomorrow”
“Sure, George, you’ve always been good for it”.
Several days later, “um, George, about that L$500?”
“What L$500?”
LL will not get involved with private transactions, so do I just stop helping a friend when they, like me, like you, no doubt, have had the odd time when a payment source just won’t charge up your lindens?

Someone ARs someone who is calling themselves George. It’s not my friend, George, but LL suspend 50 Georges until they have enough time, with 30% less staff, to work out which George is the guilty George.

Scenario DOT7
I could be a respected business person and have an underhand rival and they join my BUSINESS GROUP as ALT ACCOUNT. After joining they change their name to MY NAME and message the entire group, something perhaps like, “Hey, sorry all respected customers of me. I have been tricking you for years and selling you ripped-off copyrighted stuff. Someone has ARd me for it, so I would suggest you get rid of ALL my stuff from your inventory, like right away.”
Some customers will do it, some won’t, either way I shall be so deluged with IMs etc, it will distract me totally, and perhaps enough, to allow my underhand rival to have a much easier time to sell, sell, sell. Whereas, I am rather too busy replacing deleted outfits as a goodwill gesture, to keep my loyal customers.

lindenDOTlab, thinkitDOTthroughDOT

I hate being negative, really I do, but totalDOTmadness.
Magnus Brody NOT (that’s NOT, not DOT) magnus.brody

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